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Список бажань

Workshop jewelry by Anna Yasynska

Ukraine, Kiyv, street Mezhyhirska, 87 a

(Business Center "Mezhigirsky" entrance 1 floor 3)


Shipping and Payment

Delivery Worldwide from Ukraine 7-14 days
Payment through Western Union or money transfer

Care recommendations

Remove jewelry during household chores such as cleaning, washing dishes, washing. And also any other works. Remove jewelry before washing of hands.
Store jewelry in a clean, dry place, preferably without access to air. For example, a zip package or a special one jewelry boxes.

Store jewelry separately to avoid scratching products.
Apply makeup, cream, perfume before you plan to wear jewelry.

Darkening on silver at home can be wiped with microfiber for glasses
Handmade jewelry
Ukraine, Kyiv
st. Mezhyhirska 87 a